Step 1: The Brain Child

So here we go, the big fancy first post to this blog.

Funny thing is that the name I chose for this is the same as what I titled the blog I ran back in high-school. Station 85 was a project for my Writer’s Craft course where I was required to post a blog piece at least once a week. The topics could be whatever and the length was unspecified.

The funny thing was that I poured a lot of time and effort into maintaining that blog; even after I had finished (albiet, failed) that class (turns out you need to actually hand in assignments to pass a course. Who knew?) for about a year and a half. I had musings and thoughts on this, that and whatever, and I found it oddly cathartic to post these things to the web and share my muttering madness with the masses.

As time when on, I lost interest in the program and stopped updating. I never actually closed that account (though I’ve completely forgotten the log-in information by now), so if the effort was put into it, I’m sure that old blog could be found floating around in the bowels of cyber space.

Incidentally, Cyberchase was a really strange tv show, wasn’t it?

Now I choose to start up a “new” blog with the same title. It’ll serve a similar purpose as its past predecessor, but with some minor differences (these are mostly listed for my benefits):
– a testing ground for a new business concept I’ve concocted
– the posts will be a great deal more polished and refined than the mindless rambling of past blog posts
– there will be times I’ll elude or refer to other things on my mind, often times reflected in my YouTube channel, which is my primary focus

Of course, much like in the past, there will be (for the next few weeks) no regularly scheduled updating plan; or at least not until I’ve dabbled around with some other ideas and have a more solid handle on things.

If you’re tuning in to this and are curious to see where it goes, stay tuned! If not, thanks for passing by and I wish you all the best in whatever you attempt.


Maybe I should come up with some clever outro-bit?



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