Some Changes to the Station

cropped-toon-andrew.jpgHey folks,

Premature or otherwise, I’ve decided it’s time to start taking my writing a little more seriously. I’ve been calling myself a writer for a long time, but now it’s high time I started putting my money where my mouth is. Or rather, see if other people are ready to put their money down for my writing.

Indeed, as has become common practice for those of us in the free-lance market, I’ve opened myself a Patreon account to start accepting sponsors. Initially, the rewards are pretty simple and light and won’t greatly tax my resources, but this is only initially. As a testing ground, I am going to see if I can start garnering $250 worth of patrons per month before I move on to the next step.

But Kipp, you might be stopping me, don’t there have to be some benefits to sending you my hard earned coinage? Yeah, that makes sense. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, there was a post in the past about how Whyte Gears Articles was a testing ground for an idea I’d been playing with. Time to put that idea into practice.

Whyte Gears Articles, as well as my regular blogging, will remain otherwise available for free users, but sponsors will be entitled to receiving a once-per-week exclusive story, completely new and unrelated to WGA, in their emails for their reading pleasure. These will be going out on Fridays as well, so for people who sign up, they get double the story goodness.

Curious what the story will be? Gotta check out my Patreon page to get some more details (I can’t do all the work for you, now can I?)

As well, to adjust for the slight change in work-load on my part, I’ve also altered the blog post upload schedule for the Station. Instead of Monday and Wednesday mornings, blogs will be posted on Tuesday and Thursday mornings instead. Don’t worry, this post doesn’t count as a blog post for Tuesday, you’ll be getting the regular goodness you come for tomorrow (hint: the topic I have in mind is related to the recent big anime Darling in the FranXX and some social commentaries/inquiries about our own public views withstanding).

Thanks for those of you who still tune in, even after my long hiatus: mental health issues can be a real inconvenience, to say the least.

Let’s see what comes of this new journey, shall we?


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