New Year, New Look, New Format (Kinda)

Okay, so: things have been a little busy for me over the past couple months with preparations for several big event deadlines that were coming up. Being in charge of managing the Social Media for the Medieval Festival I volunteer with didn’t leave an abundance of time for my writing, or few other pursuits for that matter.

But, with the current festival year closed, I now have the ability to start getting back to managing this train-wreck and subjecting all of you to what strange thoughts wander out of my head, through my fingertips and into the internet at large. Or at small: this blog is still exceedingly unknown.

I’d also received a noticed that this blog has been, more or less, active for over a year now. Which is a strange thing, frankly: it most assuredly has not felt like a year in many aspects. But, a few things have changed over that time, and so I needed to update the way I’ll be managing this blog to reflect the changes in my life.

Firstly, with a new theme and colour scheme: I did like the old one quite a bit, but I was perpetually fighting with the menu system. Specifically: with having all the menu options for The Whyte Gears Articles show up! I’d had chapters 6 and 7 up for a few months now, and was getting increasingly worried that no one was reading them (or at least seeing them: just because an article has been clicked doesn’t necessarily mean people are reading it). Turns out no one knew they existed: the later chapters were simply not showing up, which means no one could read them (outside of those who had clicked the link on my Facebook page on the day it was published).

So, I’ve separated the Articles into parts. It makes the whole thing a little more clunky than I had originally planned on, and creates an artificial divide in the story, but its better than no one being able to read what I’ve written I suppose. This will be the new format, or at least until I discover how to remedy the situation where only 5 sub-chapters would appear on a menu list.

Next, I’m scaling back on the number of posts I do per week. Doing two blogs per week plus a story chapter was fine when all I was doing was writing, but with taking on new responsibilities with the festival, career (I use the term “career” generously: as per usual, it’s changing from one minimum-wage paying job to another when I get bored). Now, this scaling back of things isn’t just because of the aforementioned reasons, though that is part of it anyway. I’d like to get back into producing YouTube videos again.

For some uncanny reason, the YouTube channel my sister and I started years ago has continued to grow, despite the fact that she and I have not uploaded new content in almost two years now. It’s not mega growth or anything, just an extra 20 or so subscribers over the course of a year; but we’re also seeing new comments coming in on a semi-regular basis. People are trying to reconnect with our channel and, apparently, want us to come back. As do I: after all, I’ve not had as much fun in a long time as making my angry review of Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor (a video I still get a lot of angry comments  about and am considered very unpopular in).

As well, I’m supposed to be doing regular story updates for my Patreon backers. Of which, there aren’t many: but I did promise them a product that I’ve failed to deliver on. Not unlike Team Sonic for the past 20 years #epicburn

So yes, there are many things in the works for me, things I’d like to get back into and resume working on. So, I’ve updated the old blog-space a little bit and will be returning to the world of assaulting innocent passers-by with my patented-pending madness.

Buckle in kiddies: this is going to be a ponderous and somewhat jarring ride! I think.


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