Time for a Brief Intermission

Hey folks!

So, as I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, I’m back in an adult learning centre to get the courses I need to apply to university. And, as was also mentioned, I’m in a class currently that I performed quite disastrously in previously.

Over the past couple of days, we entered into a unit that I’m having a very difficult time with, and I need to spend more time than average reviewing and learning the materials. As such, I don’t have the necessary time to sit down and compose my blogs or stories, as they require a degree of mental focus that I need for school.

So, this site will be going on a brief intermission of sorts. Typical uploads will be paused for a period of time; at least until I understand the materials well enough and am confident that I’m mentally caught up with the rest of the class.

That being said, I’ll still be keeping some of my social media feeds updated with smaller or random thoughts, as well as updates as to when for sure I’ll return. Facebook will probably be the most likely site I’ll use, so if you haven’t already, be sure to follow me there.

To help keep you interested for future posts: I’m in the process of working alongside a cosplayer I rather admire for a longer article on stuff and things. It’s quite different than anything I’ve managed before, so it’ll be a fascinating experience for me.

It’s also worth mentioning that Whyte Gears Articles will resume at about the same time my regular blog posts do. These take me the longest of all my projects to assemble and write, so it was the first thing I had to triage in order to keep up with my academic demands.

Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll see you folks in the not too distant future!


The Universe is Loading, Please Wait

Hello again folks,

So, earlier this week I said I’d be doing a double upload of Whyte Gears Articles to make up for my lack of uploading a chapter last week. And while I certainly want to do that, I’m running into a slight issue with the progression of the story.

As of the last two chapter uploads, the story has greatly deviated from the initial direction I was planning on taking it. This means that I need to completely overhaul the storyboard to make it better reflect this new (and honestly, significantly better) direction. To do so, however, I’ll need a few days to put everything down on paper and refigure out the direction I’m taking with things.

As such, there will be no Whyte Gears Articles upload today; while this is probably a little frustrating for you, reader-person, I feel like this slight delay will be better than trying to Frankenstein something together to upload in a couple of hours that’ll very likely degrade the quality of the current material.

Thanks again for your patience with things; there’s a lot of logistical nonsense I’m getting figured out with this blogging thing. The regular blog posts will continue unhindered, as it turns out the ideas just keep coming to me with little challenge. Or something.

Oops… Mah Bad

Hello readers, this one is for you!

As you might have noticed, the last week or so has been a bit of a mess on this site. I missed not only a blog post last week, but also a Whyte Gears Article chapter as well and today’s blog too.

My deadlines got a little away from me, so I’m rethinking how I’ve been approaching stuff and things so I can get back on the ball with it. As such, since there will be no blog post today, I’ll be uploading the chapter of Whyte Gears that was supposed to go up last friday, and you’ll get another chapter on Friday.

We should be back to our regularly scheduled non-sense starting next week Monday, so I thank you for you patience in this matter. Maintaining a proper blog/website is still relatively new for me, so there are bound to be a couple of bumps along the road.

The new Whyte Gears will be going live at 9pm UTC assuming I don’t suddenly die or something random like that. Because, like in D&D, you could potentially roll a nat 1 at the worst possible moment.