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Character Profile: Jillian Caesar, Healer

In the interest of ensuring I have a more solid argument and better research on the subject I touched upon last blog, I’ll be postponing the upload of the second part of the Records of Grancrest War Analysis until next week Tuesday. So, in today’s blog, I’m going to give you a backstory. A backstory … Continue reading Character Profile: Jillian Caesar, Healer


Let’s Talk Words, Shall We?

I’m actually being serious here, or at least, marginally serious: Let’s talk words, shall we? This simple statement is actually a little layered: let’s talk in literal terms, using words instead of metaphors. Or, let’s talk, using our words, instead of in a textual format or replacing thoughts and concepts with entire images or simplified … Continue reading Let’s Talk Words, Shall We?

Without Buster

Hello folks, another short story I wrote a couple years back. I was playing around with some different narration techniques and a genre I'd never written in before. Read and enjoy, I received a lot of critic praise for this one.

The Sacrifice

The following is a piece I wrote for a short-story writing contest I participated in. Incidentally, I largely consider this one a point of pride and a point of shame. Pride because I was able to pull together something riveting and thrilling in about an hour, shame because it was overly ambitious and I consider … Continue reading The Sacrifice