Seven Years of Antics

Seven Years of Antics

My mind works in a never-ending parade of fascinations and borderline-obsessions: for several months I’ll be fixated on my miniature painting, then I’ll switch over to being engrossed with fiction writing, after a half year of that I’ll surround myself with gaming as the thing I cannot stop thinking about, et alia. I’ve been like … Continue reading Seven Years of Antics


A Curveball, a Rollercoaster, a Paradigm Shift

I think it's safe to say that, at one point or another, we've been there: on a course or path that we've chosen and with full confidence in where we're headed. The mile-markers (or would kilometer markers be more appropriate?) have been tacked and, not to belabor the metaphor, the destination in mind. There's a … Continue reading A Curveball, a Rollercoaster, a Paradigm Shift

“More Than Just a Pretty Face” – Cosplayer Profile: Anniechie Designs

My never ending journey to fully, or even marginally, fathom the exact nature of mental health issues leads me through many retrospectives. There is, after all, no shortage of things to ponder: what specific events lead me to this point? Why does it seem that chronic anxiety tends to affect particular demographics more visibly than … Continue reading “More Than Just a Pretty Face” – Cosplayer Profile: Anniechie Designs

Bring Her (a Step) Back

There’s been this game running amok in the world of indie games and social media for maybe a few weeks now, something of a different string of game experience. Under clever facades and brilliant writing, the collective internet has been exposed to the next big online gaming mystery that people are itching to solve, piece … Continue reading Bring Her (a Step) Back

When it Misses the Mark (Blend-S)

My track record involving discovering new anime is something of an impressive record. Typically speaking, if I discover something new on my own and without anyone else pointing me in the right direction, 7/10 times I’ll turn up some of the most uninspired, uncomfortable and/or illogical garbage the market has to offer. Truly, it’s a … Continue reading When it Misses the Mark (Blend-S)