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Hopeless Idealism in Politics

When you claim someone to have created a successful post, one that is often attributed with a strong base of views, replies and all the other stuff that goes along with metrics that can be measured by an algorithm, the source material is seldom politics. Or, at least, not politics in a pure and buzzword-free … Continue reading Hopeless Idealism in Politics


So Why, Exactly, Did it Work?

It’s unusual for me to go out of my way to see a new movie in theaters. Even more-so after I’ve gotten home once already and I’ve decided that I have no interest in leaving my household ever again #introvertlife However, my friend and I had finished getting caught up on some of the new … Continue reading So Why, Exactly, Did it Work?

Bring Her (a Step) Back

There’s been this game running amok in the world of indie games and social media for maybe a few weeks now, something of a different string of game experience. Under clever facades and brilliant writing, the collective internet has been exposed to the next big online gaming mystery that people are itching to solve, piece … Continue reading Bring Her (a Step) Back

Let’s Bring Back Those House Hippos

I have always stood by a statement of mine that I am, 100%, a by-product of the 90’s. In regards to pop-culture influences, to music tastes to overwhelming passive-aggressiveness for no justifiable reason. And Pogs™, let’s not forget those either. But perhaps one of the biggest things about the 90’s I remember are those Concerned … Continue reading Let’s Bring Back Those House Hippos